Make Up Class Routine for FRIDAY - Department of CSE

Morning Batches

Batch 2:30-4:10 pm 4:10-5:50 pm 5:50-7:30 pm 7:30– 9:10 pm
CSE 27 A Principles of Sociology (M.R.H) Discreet Math (M.S.I) Satellite & Telecommunications (S.K.R) Data Structure (M.N.A)
CSE 27 B Professional Communication (S.M.K)   Numerical Method (K.A.H) Electrical Circuits (S.M.K)  Operating System-II (A.H) 
CSE 27 C Operating Systems-I (M.R.H)  Basic Statistics (I.U)  Digital Electronics-II (A.A.M)  Calculus-II (K.A.H)
CSE 29 A Introduction to Internet (K.H.R)  Digital Electronics-I (T.A.T)  Calculus-I (K.A.H)  Principles of Accounting (M.U) 
CSE 22+24 A Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks & Lab (A.H)  Computer Peripherals and Interfacing & Lab (F.S)  Fault Tolerant System (M.H.R)   Advanced Computer Organization & Architecture & Lab (S.I)
CSE 24 B Computer Networks & Lab (S.I.S)   Computer Architecture & Lab (S.P.P) Computer Algorithmsm & Lab (S.R.L)   Computational Geometry (F.S)
CSE 29 C Elementary Mathematics (K.A.H)   Functional English (I.K) Physics (U.T)   Fundamentals of Computing (S.I)



Evening Batches

Batch 6:30-7:20 pm 7:20-8:10 pm 8:20-9:10 pm 9:10– 10:00 pm
CSE 25 Advanced Computer Organization & Architecture (S.I.S) Computational Geometry (S.I) Fault Tolerant System ()  
CSE 26 A Compiler Design (SR)  Computer Architecture (NA) Computer Algorithms (S.)   
CSE 26 B Digital Electronics - II (MAH)  Satelite and Telecommunications (TAT)  Formal System ()  Microprocessor & Assembly Language & Lab ()
CSE 28 A Computer Networks (SPP)  Computational Geometry (SI)  Computer Peripherals and Interfacing & Lab (AK)  Numerical Methods (ABS) 
CSE 28 B Matrix & Vector Algebra (M.M.)  Database Management Concept (SPP)  Data Communication (A.K.)   Operating System - II ()
CSE 29 B Database Management Concept (KHR)   Operating System - II (MHR) Data Communication & Lab (AK)   Matrix & Vector Algebra (ARM)
CSE 30 A Introduction to Programming (S.)   Physics (A.B.) Functional English (A.S)   Basic Statistics ()
CSE 26 C 9:00-9:50 am 9:50-10:40 am 10:40-11:30 am 11:30-12:20 pm
Digital Electronics - II (MAH)   Object Oriented Programming & Lab (AH) Theory of Computing ()   Software Engineering (AUH)


Asma- Ull- Hosna

Course Coordinator

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

World University of Bangladesh (WUB)

Date of Publish:06/12/2013

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