Annual Picnic 2013

This year, the annual picnic of World University of Bangladesh was arranged at "Dream Holiday Park", Panchdona, Narsingdi. The journey started at around 7:30am from the main campus of WUB. The students enjoyed the bus journey and passed the time in their own entertaining way. The buses reached the destination at around 11:00am. The students, teachers and staff were divided into various groups to enjoy in their own ways.The students roam all over the park - some enjoyed cycling, boat-riding and other rides while some others were busy with their cameras. The staff and most of the teachers gathered inside the hall.

There were arrangements of various games for children, students, teachers and staff. The authority arranged games like chocolate race for children, sack race, 'hari-bhanga' (breaking of pitchers), treasure-hunt and so on. The audience cheered while some of the participants in the games won first, second and third prizes.

The delicious lunch was served at about 2:30pm. After lunch, all enjoyed some performances on the stage by teachers, students and children.This was followed by one of the most attractive events of that day: pillow-passing. The last segment was the most awaited one: prize-giving ceremony and raffle draw. Honourable Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Abdul Mannan Choudhury, along with the special guests, were present on stage to give away the prizes. First, second and third prizes were given away for every game. All the children who participated in the game were given complementary prizes. Teachers, guests, students and staff eagerly awaited for the announcement of the lucky numbers in the raffle draw. There were ten prizes of which laptop and I-pod were the first and second prize consecutively. Suddenly, a ghostly appearance frightened some of the students. At around 5:30pm, the buses started again for Dhaka. All treasured beautiful feelings and experiences with them and left a memorable day behind to come back in their daily routined life.

Date of Publish:25/01/2013

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