Pitha Festival 2013

Every year, WUB Cultural Club organizes Pitha Festival. This year, -the Pitha Festival took place on January 09, 2013 at the auditorium of the Main Campus. The students of different departments took part in the festival and decorated 13 stalls. Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of WUB Prof. Dr Abdul Mannan Choudhury was the chief guest and Morsheda Choudhury, Treasurer of WUB was present as the special guest. Additional Registrar Prof. Abdus Salam Molla gave the welcome speech and the special guest and the chief guest also expressed their feelings. In his speech, the chief guest said, "I am very glad to see the increasing number of stalls and it will encourage the other students." He also gave a special thanks to the senior assistant registrar, Mr. Maruf.

Students named their stalls as they wished to: "Pitha Ghor', "Roshaloy", "Shiter Pithapuli", "Sishir kona", "Eat Pitha Be MItha", "Poush Bowri Pitha Ghor", "Sesher Pitha", "Pankouri", "Kutumbari", "Pitha'r Asor", "Poush er Shad" ,"Rokomari Pitha Ghor"and so on.

One group of students brought highest 54 items in the festival. They brought out the tradition and culture from their own area to the busy city . They named the pithas according to their origins. The attractive and special pithas are naget from Dhaka, Panthowa, Bibikhana from Dinajpur, Simkul from Jessor, Bonolota from B-Baria, Othowa from Rangpur. The pithas were available in a sufficient amount.

"Rokomari Pitha'r Gho(' was special because they brought their pithas from Chittagong, Tripura, Burma named Owasun, Binni Hua and Sukok Pitha. The Owasun is made by ginni rice, cooked inside the Bamboo under the heat of fire. The programme ended with the prize giving ceremony. The Vice Chancellor announced the name of the winners and gave them the prizes and told them to express their feelings as the winners.

Date of Publish:10/01/2013

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