Visiting Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd. Department of EEE,WUB

On December 12, 2012, the students of the Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, WUB visited Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd.

Power Plant / Industrial visits represent important activities in any engineering undergraduate program that contribute to the achievement of various essential learning. In this case, a steam & a gas turbine power plant were selected as a site to be visited by electrical and electronic engineering final year students.

The visit was planned to help the students to achieve the following things:

1. Recognizing the process units - Boiler, Pump, Condenser, Steam turbine, gas turbine, Engine, Generators, Exciter etc. & also generate the process flow diagram.

2. Identifying the input and output for different processes.

3. Understanding the importance of working safely.

4. Understanding the concept of thermal energy conversion and estimating overall efficiency of power plant.

5. Understand how does the product of the power plant is interfaced to the world Results:

This was due to first stage final semester students were in the early stages of learning about the thermal power plant process. Therefore the purpose of pre visit survey was to stimulate the students to learn more about their subjects based upon the industrial visit learning outcomes and look for answers from the industry experts.

After performing the industry visit, a modified version of the pre-visit survey had been given to the students to assess their understanding from what they learned. The results indicated some increase in the student knowledge from the one compared with that before the visit. In addition to that, the survey motivated students to learn in detail about their subjects.

The results obtained from post visit survey: most of the students still retain their knowledge (approximately more than 70%) about the process of thermal power plant from the learning outcome based survey approximately after 1-2 months. This results show that students can retain the subject knowledge forever when they learned their subjects based upon the learning outcomes.

Date of Publish:16/02/2013

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