2nd International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development; 19 - 20 December, 2009; Dhaka, Bangladesh

Section: Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Improvement Software Architecture Using Architectural Design Metrics

Written by:L. Prasad, R. Bansal, A. Jan

A New Approach for Zone Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Network using Estimation of Distribution Algorithm

Written by:M.F. Rahman, M.I.H. Suvo, S.M.M. Karim, K.S.N. Ripon

A New Approach of Efficient Soft Handover Management for Proposed UMTS Network Architecture

Written by:M.G.S. Bhuyan, Z Ahmad, S.M. Rahman

Lossless Data Compression Capability of Huffman and Run-length Algorithm

Written by:M.A. Motaleb, M.S. Islam, M.H. Islam, M.H. Islam

Selection of a Cost Efficient Algorithm SBAM in Comparison to Genetic Algorithm (GA) for Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)

Written by:B. Ahmed, M.A. Hussein, M.N.I. Mondale, M.M. Hossain, TK. Roy

An Efficient Power Quality (PQ) Disturbance Analysis Using Different Scales of Wavelet Transform

Written by:A.A. Nahid, S.M. Asif, S.A.A. Rajon, RX Sana, A S.M. Aril

A Modular Approach for Similarity Based Object Retrieval

Written by:A. S. M. Arif, S. M. R. Hasan, A. M. Y Ali

An Approach for Off-Line Signature- Verification System Using Peak and Curve Comparison

Written by:A.S.M. Arif, S.A.A. Rajon, M.S. Hussain, R. Islam, A.A. Nahid

Developing Web Based Government-to- Citizen (G2C) E-government System

Written by:M.M. Islam, S.A. Mahumud

On the Virtue of Virtual Reality in Trust Building: E-Commerce Perspective.

Written by:S.A.A. Rajon, S.A. Zaman

Developing Web Based Auction System

Written by:M.M. Islam, A.A. Maruf

An Improved Segmented Display Model for English Alphabet and Bengali Digits

Written by:A. Akther, K.M. Alam, B.Huq

An Effective Framework for Implementing E-Governance in Bangladesh

Written by:S.A.A. Rajon

Fingerprint Identification and Verification System by Minutiae Extraction Using Artificial Neural Network

Written by:A. Chatterjee, S. Mandal, G.M.A.Rahman, A S.M. Arif

Mobile Marketing in Bangladesh

Written by:M.Z Alom, M.S. Islam, K.E. Rahman, M.M. Choudhury

On the Study of the Philosophical Approaches of Al and Human.

Written by:L.R. Bagdadi, M.Z Alom

Comparative Study of PDH, SDH and WDM Media Converting Mechanism in Telecommunication System

Written by:L.R. Bagdadi, M.Z Alom

Neural Network Based Online Agent as Human Representative

Written by:K.S. Arefin, M.Z Alom, A.K. Saha

Performance Analysis of Parallel Download on Job Scheduling in Time Sharing Environment

Written by:K.S. Arefin, E. Ahmed, M.F. Khan, M. Ahmed, A.K. Sah

Telephone-Based Home Monitoring System from Remote Location

Written by:K.S. Areflin, AX Saha, M.Z Alom

Standard Softwar QA Process in Bangladesh

Written by:K.E. Rahman, A.I. Rubayet

A New Bangla Text Corpus Building Method for Efficient Information Retrieval

Written by:J. Shamshed, S.M.M. Karim, M.R. Islam

Exact Simple and Accurate Representation of Bangla Numerals by 10-Segment Display Compared to 8- Segment Display

Written by:TK. Roy, M.A Hossain, M.N.I Mondal, M.A.G. Khan

Biometric Passport-A New Approach for the World of Security

Written by:S. Pal

A Coding Scheme in CS-CDMA an Analysis of Improvement in Error Performance

Written by:M.M. Hossain, M.R. Rahman and A. Alim

Analyzing the Noise Cancellation Capability of RLS and Normalized LMS Algorithms

Written by:M.M. Rahman, M.H.A. Biswas

Identification of the Characteristics of E-Commerce Websites

Written by:Musfiq Mannan Choudhury, Abdul Mannan Choudhury

Wireless Transmission of Electricity -Development and Review of the Current Research Activities

Written by:Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Md. Enamul Hoque Chowdhury

Section: Mechatronics Engineering (MTE)

Introduction to Mechatronics: A Graduate Engineering Program in Bangladesh

Written by:M.S. Islam

Investigation on Effect of Temperature, Force and Surface Roughness for High Speed Machining of Hardened Steel Using Coated Carbide Insert Under High Pressure Coolant (PHC) Condition

Written by:S.K. Dey, S.M. Ali

Rice Husk Ash Based Pozzolana Binder an Alternative Building Material

Written by:K.N. Farooque, J. Yeasmin

Study on Management of Electronic Waste for Some Selected Areas in Dhaka City

Written by:M.Z.H. Khan

Stress Analysis of Engineering Products Using the Adventure System-a Finite Element Software

Written by:A.M.M. Mukaddes, M.N. Uddin, M.R. Haque, M. Ogino

Nanopattern Fabrication Using Poly (STyene-b-methyl Methacrylate) Block Copolymer

Written by:M.M. Alam, W.G. Jung, Y.R. Lee

Design and Construction of a Billing System Gas Meter

Written by:M.H. Kabir, M. Ahmed

A Finite-Difference Solution of a Boron/Epoxy Plate with an Internal Whole Subjected to Uniform Displacements Using Its Placement Potential Approach

Written by:S.K. Deb Nath

Design and Manufacturing of a Stair Climbing Vehicle

Written by:A. Hossain, R.I. Linda, N.A. Choivdhudry, S. Akthar

Study on IR Proximity Sensor Based Robot

Written by:M.H. Kabir, M.K. Rahman, M.A. Alam

Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping for Small Scale Irrigation in Bangladesh

Written by:M. Mohiuddin, M. S. A. Khan

Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) on Cutting Performance in Turning Medium Carbon Steel by Uncoated Carbide Insert with Different Speed-Feed Combinations

Written by:S.M. Ali, S.K. Dey

Comparative Study of Elastic-Plastic Properties of Bulk, Micro, and Nano Materials

Written by:S.K. DebNath, M.S.A. Khan

A Comparative Study on Diesel Engine and Converted Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Engine: Bangladesh Perspective

Written by:M.S.A. Khan, S.K. DebNath, M.M. Hossain, M. Mohiuddin

Renewable Energies - New Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Glob

Written by:S. Pal

Intelligent Traffic Signal Control Using Automation Tool

Written by:K.M. Zakir Hossan

Managing Radioactive Wastes in Bangladesh at the Central Radioactive Waste Processing and Storage Facility (CWPSF) at Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Savar, Dhaka

Written by:S.M. F. Karim

Prospect of Natural Gas Industry in Iran

Written by:Hedayat Omidvar

Investigation of Photon Attenuation Coefficient for Soil and Building Materials in Bangladesh Using Narrow Beam Collimator

Written by:M.M. Haider, S. Ghose, M.M. Akramuzzainan

Nd : YAG Laser Cutting of Ceramic Material

Written by:Arindam Ghosal, Alokesh Manna, Arun K. Lall

Quality Assessment of Promising Rice Varieties on the Basis of Physical Properties

Written by:T. Bhatia, R.K. Sharma, K. Prasad

Section: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Grid Connected Economic Evaluation of a Photovoltaic Power System in Bangladesh

Written by:M.R. Shah, T Ahmed, N. Mithulananthan

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Skin due to the Radiated Energy from GSM 900 MHz Base Station in Bangladesh

Written by:M.A. Mahmud, TK. Roy, W. Xiang, M.A. Hossain

Nucleonic Control System and Its Applications in Bangladesh (A Case Study)

Written by:M. Quamruzzaman, M.S.A. Khan

Delectability of Parametric Faults in Analog Circuits Using CBT Concept and Its Test Limitations

Written by:M.D. Hossain, TK. Ganguly, M.S. Islam, S. Jahan, and M. M. Hossain

Performance Analysis of Chirped Return-to-Zero Differential Phase-Shift Keying Modulation Format in Fiber Optic System

Written by:M.S. Hossain, N. Mondal, M T. Islam

Computational Analysis of 2D Wave Equation by Finite Difference Time Domain Scheme

Written by:M.S. Hossain, M.A. Masum

Evaluation of Electromagnetic Energy Absorption in the Human Brain Due to EM Wave Emitting from a Dipole Antenna

Written by:M.S. Hossain, M.R. Amin

An Approach to Develop an Algorithm to Estimate the Cell Range for Multi Traffic Users in Mobile WIMAX

Written by:Shah Ahsanul Haque, Md. Moinuddin Hossain Maruf, Md. Arif Ahmed Roni, Rabiul Islam Jony, Rakibul Islam Rony

Experimentally Asymptotical Stability Analysis of a Digitally Controlled Heat Exchanger

Written by:M.F. Hassan, M.M.H. Maruf, S.M.T. Imam, R.I. Jony, R. Islam Rony, Md. Iqbal Mahmud

Section: Civil & Architecture

Effect of Brick Aggregate Properties on Concrete Compressive Strength

Written by:I.A. Tuhin, A.S.M.Z. Hasan, P. Saha

Simulation Behavior of Normal Strength Concrete Subjected to High Strain Rate

Written by:A.S.M.Z. Hasan, I.A. Tuhin, R. Hamid, R. Gani

Laboratory Experiment to Evaluate the Aggregate Properties on Concrete Compressive Strength

Written by:I.A. Tuhin, M.M. Rahman, M.N.I. Mridh.

Transportation Demand Analysis for Sylhet City A Model Based Approach

Written by:M.B. Haque, D.M.A.I. Chowdhury, B.K. Banik

Strength Characteristics of Slag Blended Concrete in Marine Environment

Written by:M. Islam, M.R. Islam

Technical and Management Issues in Sustainable Architectural Design and Its Impact of the Deteriorating Condition of the Built Environment

Written by:Z.A. Tariq

Bearing Capacity Effect of Strip Footing on Sand by Using Reinforced Earth

Written by:M.R. Karim